Prevented over
$1 Billion in fraud

Shape deflects automated attacks like credential stuffing (ATO), fraudulent credit card applications, and gift card theft on the world's most targeted web applications and mobile APIs.


2017 Credential Spill Report

This original Shape Security report features key findings about the three billion credentials reported spilled in 2016, an analysis of the scale of credential theft, and insights into how spilled credentials are used in credential stuffing attacks.

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Shape Defense ROI

Using the Forrester Total Economic Impact model, Forrester Analysts determined that Shape’s enterprise defense provides a 297% ROI. Learn about Shape's ROI and how to quantify the impact of malicious traffic on your own web and mobile applications.

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Announcing Blackfish

Built on Shape’s industry-leading fraud prevention platform, Blackfish identifies stolen passwords that are being actively exploited by attackers, before the stolen data appears on the dark web.

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