Introducing Blackfish

An artificial intelligence system to identify compromised credentials

Built on Shape’s industry-leading platform to detect credential stuffing attacks, Blackfish identifies the stolen passwords used in those attacks and invalidates them across our customer network. This protects your users against data breaches that haven't been discovered or disclosed yet, in the critical window of time before stolen data appears on the dark web.


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Shape prevented over $1 Billion in fraud last year

Shape's Advanced Application Defense protects web and mobile apps from automated attacks.


After the Breach

Perspectives from Cybersecurity Visionaries

Watch Kevin Mandia (Mandiant founder and now FireEye CEO), Ted Schlein (Kleiner Perkins General Partner), Michael Coates (former Chairman of OWASP and current Board Member) and Sarah Squire (Engage Identity founder and coauthor of NIST Digital Identity Guidelines) share their thoughts on credential stuffing, the criminal ecosystem, and how the industry can better defend itself against third party data breaches.


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