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If you enjoy working with the brightest engineers, solving hard problems, taking on great responsibility, and making the Internet a safer place for everyone, then Shape may be the place for you.

Meet the Shape Team

We are security and web experts, pioneers, evangelists and elite researchers. We believe in the power of the Internet to be a positive force and our mission is to protect every website and mobile app from cybercriminals.

Shape’s founders fought cybercrime at the Pentagon, Google, and leading security companies. They realized that Alan Turing’s vision of a day when computers could pass for humans had arrived in the form of automated attacks on websites. They responded with a fundamentally new technology approach to web and mobile security that has attracted some of the top computer scientists, researchers, and engineers in the world. Shape now defends the web and mobile applications for the world's leading corporations.

Our Customers

Shape's customers run the world’s largest and most popular web and mobile applications that enable our online lives. Because of the high-value activities they support, Shape's corporate and government customers are prime targets for sophisticated cybercriminals and need the very best security defense. To keep our customers secure, we’ve assembled an elite team in Mountain View, California, and we’ve built a highly advanced platform to defend against these threats.

Working at Shape

Shapers will tell you that overcoming interesting technical challenges, and hearing from wildly delighted customers, makes their jobs singularly rewarding. Our team includes world-leading experts from various fields — many groups at Shape could each be their own groundbreaking startup. Together we create remarkable experiences: a constant stream of fascinating research, important new technology developments, and stunning customer successes. Time magazine highlighted Shape in an article titled "The Secret to an Ideal Work Culture."

We’re making a difference for the global Internet and we’re contributing to the community along the way. Shapers share new ideas with the open source community and develop new standards that make browsers safer — all while building a great company.

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Innovate every day. Fight cybercrime. Build products that secure the largest companies in the world.

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