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Shape defends against automated cyberattacks on web and mobile applications, that evade other security solutions such as WAFs, IPS, and DDoS tools.

Shape Defense

Shape Solution Overview

Global 2000 corporations are currently experiencing millions of automated attacks per day on web and mobile applications. Shape is the industry's leading real-time adaptive application defense platform. Designed for rapid deployment, Shape protects organizations against the most advanced automated attacks that evade traditional security defenses.

Shape Solution Overview (PDF / Datasheet)


Shape Architecture

Shape Architecture


Shape Security-as-a-Service

Delivers best-in-class security defense as an outcome, deflecting cyberattacks aimed at large scale fraud, account takeover, content scraping, and denial of service. Continually improves defenses against automated attacks through the use of advanced custom feature collection and a unique combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Consistently delivers superior defense against automated threats that evade traditional security solutions.

24/7 performance and threat monitoring and incident response and investigation by Shape's expert security team. Ongoing development and deployment of new countermeasures to mitigate evolving threats and regular threat intelligence reporting and updates.


ShapeShifter Elements (SSE)

Real-time enforcement of security countermeasures to protect web and mobile applications.

Supports rapid deployment and choice of physical or virtual appliances co-located with the protected web application.

Pre-deployment threat modeling to identify protected assets, attack workflow, and attacker entry points.


Shape Mobile SDK

Framework for integrating with native mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, collecting device and interaction telemetry for real-time attack deflection on mobile APIs.


Shape Protection Manager (SPM)

Provides cloud based management of the ShapeShifter service.

Displays dashboards to monitor the service and enable investigation from groups across your properties to the level of individual transactions.


How to benefit from The Shape Defense

The Shape Defense is offered as a service for both web and mobile applications. To connect with a Shape Defense solution expert, please use the form below or call +1-650-399-0400:


Rapid Deployment That Scales

The Shape solution is designed for rapid large scale deployment and defeats even the most determined cybercriminals.


Shape analyzes >1.1B login requests per week on behalf of its customers


Shape SDK is deployed on 75M+ mobile devices


Shape Cloud infrastructure handles up to 500K requests per second


Expert Threat Intelligence

Shuman Ghosemajumder

Shuman Ghosemajumder
Chief Technology Officer

Led product management at Google to protect $23B revenue against click fraud.

Dr. Ariya Hidayat

Dr. Ariya Hidayat
VP Engineering

Creator of PhantomJS, world’s most popular headless browser.

Dr. Xinran Wang

Dr. Xinran Wang
Chief Security Scientist

Creator of Palo Alto Networks WildFire, world’s #1 malware sandboxing technology.


Shape Stops Attacks That Evade Traditional Security Measures

Shape defends against advanced automated threats that evade traditional security solutions such as WAF, IPS, and CDN.

Shape Defense

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